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Brain Health: A Naturopathic Approach with Dr. Andy Swanson What you eat affects your brain. Learn natural strategies that support the health of the nervous system, enhance neurological performance and prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease, MS and other conditions.
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Hear stories of transportation, both public and private, from zinesters Kate Lopresti of Constant Rider and Karen Giezyng of Bumpstart. Adult program Zinesters Talking, recorded live at Central Library September 16, 2008.
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Librarian Cathy Camper interviews 2008 Oregon Book Award Winner for Young Adult Literature Linda Zuckerman about her book A Taste for Rabbit. 
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Librarian Laural Winter interviews 2008 Oregon Book Award Winner for Young Adult Literature Sara Ryan about her book The Rules for Hearts.
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DIY Stories: Following the Oregon Tale You moved here from California because you heard about the nice weather. Perhaps you left the east coast to discover the laid-back, west coast lifestyle. Maybe you were born here. Come and share stories about what brought you to Oregon and what keeps you here. DIY (Do It Yourself) Stories was an open storytelling forum.

Host David Vanadia is an interdisciplinary artist who works with narrative in its many forms. He has performed internationally and acts as a consultant for companies of all sizes.

This was a Tapestry of Tale Kick-Off Event.
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Cringe Down Memory Lane

Listen and cringe as speakers exploit their younger selves for entertainment and share embarrassing memories from their teens and 20s!  Library patrons have dug up their agonizing old love letters, angst-ridden diary entries, school essays, yearbooks and more to read aloud.  Presenters include:  Sharon Eldridge, Janice Campbell, Julia strozyk, Natasha Forrester, Jenna Thompson, Ellen Fader, Joaquin Sampson, Laurie Heilman and Ben Collins.  Be prepared to laugh out loud!

This program is affiliated with the 2008 Tapestry of Tales 9th annual storytelling festival.

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Office Politics in the Multi-Generational Workplace with Steven Pascal Joyner

We now have four generations under the same roof for the first time in workplace history. Each has different perspectives, communication styles and expectations adding spice to old adages about office politics.

Presentation in PDF format

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In the book, The Uncommon Reader, by Alan Bennett, the Queen is trying to wrangle her corgis. She follows them out the back of the palace, where she discovers that the bookmobile is making its weekly visit. Afraid of offending the librarian, the Queen determines to borrow a book. Here is an excerpt describing that encounter.  Read more about this on the Embarrassment of Riches blog.
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Cultivating Creativity with Bob Lieberman Creativity comes naturally to all of us when we let it. Learn how to use a simple model of the creative process to identify and remove obstacles to creativity in your career and personal life.
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Global Giveback: The Gift Felt Around the World with Karen Shimada Portland is home to organizations making a global difference. They respond to crises and plan sustainable solutions to pressing problems. Explore new options for being part of these solutions.
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Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People, by Dav Pilkey. George and Harold break all the rules by using the time machine two days in a row - which catapults them into an alternative universe.
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The Boy Who Dared, by Susan Bartoletti. A thrilling adventure of a 17-year-old boy, who dared to oppose the Nazis.

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Local filmaker Curt Ellis shares the environmental story left untold in his award-winning feature documentary.  Ellis' new film, The Greening of Southie, tells the story of Boston's first residential "green" building, through the eyes of the steel-toes construction crew that sets out to build it.
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Brown Bag Lunch and Learn: Conflict Resolution Skills for Better Relationships with Tsipora Dimant Discover the roots of conflict and the mediation skills needed to find effective solutions.
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Brown Bag Lunch and Learn: Strategies for Embracing Change with Cheryl Hinerman Change isn't always about completely letting go of the old. The best changes blend your history and core values with a new focus to move forward. Explore strategies to help you plan a change.
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Esther Clayson Pohl Lovejoy, M.D.: Changing the Face of Medicine in Oregon and Across the World Learn about Esther Clayson Pohl Lovejoy, M.D., an 1894 graduate from the University of Oregon Medical School and a key figure in Progressive era Oregon public health and suffrage campaigns. Kimberly Jensen, professor of history at Western Oregon University and author of Mobilizing Minerva: American Women in the First World War, traces Lovejoy's accomplishments, from medical service in World War I to directing and expanding the American Women's Hospitals, an international medical relief service for civilians and refugees. As organizer and first president of the Medical Women's International Association, Lovejoy developed an international vision for cooperation among medical women, which continued throughout her life.
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Keynote Lecture: A Brief History of Women in Medicine The mark of the woman physician through history has been one of hardship, distinction and accomplishment. Sima Desai, associate professor of medicine in the Division of Hospital Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University, highlights the challenges and successes of both the women and the institutions that made a difference for and in medicine. Historically, women held important positions in medicine, and their wisdom and healing were widely sought. When societal norms changed in the 17th and 18th centuries, however, they were driven out of the profession. Hear how they rose to prominence in preventative medicine during the late 1800s, and about the larger inroads made by women in the profession during the 20th century.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Understanding the Adult Brain with John Olmstead Find out about recent developments in brain research and how to use your brain power to its fullest.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Moving Through Transitions with Jill Nelson-Debord Explore the stages of transition -- in your career, your relationships and your life. Clarify the tasks that need to be addressed and the obstacles that can get in the way.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Reduce Your Stress Through Nutrition with Lee Ann Petrie Stress affects our physical, mental and emotional health. Learn how nutrition and stress are related and how to eat well to deal with unavoidable stressors.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Rapport...Who Need It? with Philip Mandel

Learn how to establish rapport quickly and respectfully using the proven techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Enhance both verbal and nonverbal communication and make a positive, lasting, first impression.

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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: How to Get Along with Almost Anyone with Judy Pearson Explore the top five personality styles and learn how to quickly and easily get along with almost anyone.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Fitness Break: On the Job Energy Boost with Kristin Jackson Discover how to get out of that work day energy slump and feel revived and refocused. Learn workspace exercises to tone and stretch.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Understanding Business Relationships with Donald Booth Gain insight into the key elements of successful business interactions including customer complaints, coworker conflicts, supervisor relationships and real partnerships. Master the skills now to prevent problems later.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Negotiating Conflict with Tsipora Dimant Discover the roots of conflict and learn mediation skills. Learn how to have discussions that are balanced, direct and fair.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Surviving and Thriving with Karl Pister Learn to recognize and capitalize on your survival instincts to thrive in even the most stressful situations.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Success Strategies for the Ambivalent with Jan Carothers Many of us have areas where we feel stalled. Inner conflicts and mixed emotions need not stop you! Discover how to use these conflicts to help make choices and take action to propel you forward to the life you want.
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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Avoid Burnout and Build Resilience with Gail Rutherford

Explore the symptoms and stages of stress and burnout. Learn how to use coping skills to build resilience.



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Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: Courage to Confront with Carolyn Waterfall Is something bothering you? Find out why it's important to speak up. Explore how to make others aware of your thoughts and feelings in a constructive way.
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