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Speaker: Christopher D Sheesley


It only takes a millisecond to anger in tense communication situations. Learn how to apply the brakes on defensiveness while accelerating collaboration and problem solving. Gain a powerful and simple tool to help fix nearly any conflict.

Cosponsored by Portland Community College, these free programs help you develop and increase your professional skills.

Recorded Live at Central Library: October 8, 2015 

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Authors/Speakers: Stacey Lee, Isabel Quintero, Tess Sharpe, and Swati Avasthi

A recent analysis of the top 100 banned books from 2000-2009 revealed that most challenged books involved characters and issues reflecting narratives outside of the dominant culture. However, books that reflect diverse narratives represent only a tiny fraction of published books. Are certain stories censored even before they are published, or not published at all? What does diversity mean in literature? Why should you read “diverse books"? Join authors Stacey Lee, Isabel Quintero, Tess Sharpe, and Swati Avasthi, for an exciting panel discussion on the importance of diverse narratives, their current books, and more.

Presented by Multnomah County Library Intellectual Freedom Committee for MCL Banned Books Week.

Recorded Live at Central Library: October 3, 2015

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