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Multnomah County Library podcasts

Oct 3, 2012

Speakers: Vailey Oehlke, Molly Raphael, Greg Williams and Brandon Barnett (moderator)

Electronic books are changing the world in unexpected and disconcerting ways for authors, publishers, libraries and readers.  In the last several years, libraries have experienced significant barriers that make it hard or even impossible to provide e-books to library users -- including barriers that have been purposely erected to shut libraries and library patrons out.  Our panel of experts will explain the barriers to e-book access in libraries that exist today, and tell you what we're doing to make sure that you'll have access to e-books from your library now and in the future.


Panelists:  Vailey Oehlke, Multnomah County Director of Libraries, member of ALA E-Content Working Group; Molly Raphael, Immediate Past President, American Library Association (ALA) and former Multnomah County Library Director; Greg Williams, Librarian, West Linn Public Library and Vice-chair, Oregon Digital Library Consortium (Library 2Go); Bart King, local author of An Architectural Guide to Portland, The Big Book of Boy Stuff and several other non-fiction works.

Recorded live at Central Library: September 30, 2012