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Troutdale Teen Council on KBOO: The Scariest Book You Ever Read

Troutdale Library's Teen Council interviews people of all ages about the scariest book they ever read. 

October 2011


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Troutdale Teen Council on KBOO: The Letter C

Troutdale Library's Teen Council interviews youth librarian Deborah Gitlitz about the letter C's appearance in her favorite storytime books. They find plenty of other "C's" in the library, too: in the Collection, the Catalog, the events Calendar, book Chapters... 

December 2011


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About 300,000 youths are trafficked for sex each year nationwide, according to the U.S. Justice Department. When Jessica Richardson was 17 years old she became a victim of this illegal industry and was trafficked throughout the west by her pimp. She's since escaped the life and is a Gresham businesswoman, teaching people how to save money on groceries.

Moderated by Emily Harris, host of Think Out Loud, OPB's daily public affairs talk show.

Recorded at Central Library: June 5, 2011

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You know you can borrow all sorts of things from the library, but how about borrowing someone else's shoes? We invite you to check out a fresh perspective and get the answer to the question, "what's it like to be someone else?"

This session's speaker is Terris Harned, 32 years old, bipolar, and a student of life. He has been experiencing houselessness off and on for 9 years.

Moderated by Emily Harris, host of Think Out Loud, OPB's daily public affairs talk show.

Recorded at Central Library: May 21, 2011

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Vailey Oehlke on Exceptional Women NW

Director of Libraries Vailey Oehlke was recently profiled on Exceptional Women NW, a program that explores the achievement of local women leaders. Learn more about Vailey, the challenges facing public libraries, her takes on lifelong learning, the evolution of technology and libraries, the importance of reading for children and her vision for Multnomah County Library.

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Interview with children's author Matt Holm

Calling All Babymouse Fans!

Do you love Babymouse as much as I do? Then listen to this interview with Matt Holm, who, with his sister Jenni, creates the Babymouse graphic novels! Learn all about how Matt became an artist, and how you can become an artist too. Tune in to find out: Does Matt like pink? What's his favorite animal? And what's the next adventure for Babymouse? Then, head on over to the Multnomah County Library and check out the latest Babymouse graphic novel, Babymouse Burns Rubber.

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An Interview with Will Hornyak: Tapestry of Tales 2009 Will Hornyak returns to the Tapestry of Tales in November 2009 for its 10th anniversary.  In this interview Will talks about his transformation from journalist to carpenter to storyteller, the importance of storytelling for everyone from incarcerated youth to corporate employees, and much more. 
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An Interview with Anne Rutherford: Tapestry of Tales 2009 Anne Rutherford returns to Tapestry of Tales Storytelling Festival in 2009 for its 10th Anniversary.  In this interview Anne talks about how she became a storyteller, where she finds her inspiration, and more. 

Learn more about Tapestry of Tales Storytelling Festival. 
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Elfriede Wuckert walked up the steps of the Albina Library (now Titlewave) in the late 1920's holding her mother's hand.  Her family emigrated in 1925 from Germany and quickly became library "regulars.”  Listen to her stories of the citizenship classes her mother attended along with the memories of what it was like to be new in town and find friends in the books she carried home by the “armfuls.”  Hear what is different, but also what remains stable and familiar in the library for people new to the country.
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Interview with Portland Children's Author Dale E. Basye Librarian Cathy Camper interviews children's author Dale E. Basye about his book Heck Where the Bad Kids Go, writing and future projects. Hear the Heck theme song too!
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Librarian Cathy Camper interviews 2008 Oregon Book Award Winner for Young Adult Literature Linda Zuckerman about her book A Taste for Rabbit. 
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Librarian Laural Winter interviews 2008 Oregon Book Award Winner for Young Adult Literature Sara Ryan about her book The Rules for Hearts.
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