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Zinesters Talking: From Zines to Publishing

Portland is home to many authors who started out by self-publishing

their work in zines, and went on to have work published by bigger

publishers, or by becoming publishers themselves. This program will

bring together some of these authors, as well as other creators,

entrepreneurs, and connectors in the local zine community, to discuss

how Portland’s economy and culture enable innovation and access

in publishing. Recorded live at Multnomah County Library US Bank Room, February 7, 2015. 

Audience: Adult Programming


Chloe Eudaly, Reading Frenzy bookstore proprietor

Nicole J. Georges, writer, illustrator, comics instructor at California College of the Arts, and

advice columnist at Bitch magazine

Tonya Jones, organizer and editor of the Portland Women of Color Zine

A.M. O'Malley, writer, Program Director & Certificate Program Director at the Independent

Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)

Kevin Sampsell, writer, publisher of Future Tense Books and curator of the small press

section at Powell’s Books

François Vigneault, artist and writer, cofounder and organizer of Linework NW comics


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We'll Never Have Paris; Zinesters Talking 2012

The Eigth Annual Zinesters TalkingFeatured the release of the print-only, small press literary journal We'll Never Have Paris. Speakers included Gabby Holden (My Time at Fabric Depot), editor Andria Alefhi, Jaime Borschuk, Bob Soper, Seth Kaplan and Martha Grover (One More for the People)

Recorded live at Central Library U.S. Bankroom, September 4, 2012

Audience: Adult Programming

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Zinesters Talking - Stumptown Comics Fest 2012 with Vera Brosgol and T. Edward Bak

Vera Brosgol is Russian-American and has recently published Anya's Ghost, a young adult graphic novel about how a high school friendship with a ghost turns creepy. She is also a storyboard artist at Laika, where she worked on the films Coraline and the upcoming ParaNorman.

T. Edward Bak's natural history-oriented graphic novel biography, Wild Man - The Strange Journey and Fantastic Account of the naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller, was serialized in the Fantagraphics comics anthology MOME. The aritst has conducted his own researhc in Southeast Alaskaand the Aleutian archipelago as well as the St.Petersburg (Russian Federation) where he recently delivered presentations of his work for this ongoing project.

This program was presented live at Central Library April 24, 2012.

Audience: Adult Programming


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Zinesters Talking: Martha Grover and Nicoles Georges

Night of Sharing. Martha Grover (Somnambulist) will discuss her hilarious zine about family meetings. Families are downsizing and sharing households, and this phenomenon is reflected in her zine.

and. . .

Nicole Georges will present her work Tell It Like It Tiz, a zine that shares anecdotes and stories of the elders at the Marie Smith senior center in Portland. Georges will also discuss her upcoming graphic novel Calling Doctor Laura.

Recorded Live October 11, 2011 at Hollywood Library

Target Audience: Adult

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Zinesters Talking Ebin Lee and Aron Nels Steinke

Comics and Art Coming Together. Ebin Lee, cartoonist and student at Pacific Northwest College of Art, talks about getting started in comics. Does going to art school improve your art? Which school is the right one? And how do you make your way as a person of color in the mainly white world of comics and art?

and. . .

Aron Nels Steinke, cartoonist and teacher, talks about his comics. How does writing for kids, adults and oneself fit together? How important is it to maintain a life outside of art and where does inspiration ultimately come from? What is the difference between self-publishing and working with a larger book publisher? Steinke will also discuss his two new comics Super-Duper Dog Park and Big Plans, No. 5.

Recorded live at Central Library, U.S. Bank Room, October 18.2011

Target Audience: Adult

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Zinesters Talking - Gay Genius and Asian Pacific Islander Pride Zine


Annie Murphy, editor of Gay Genius, a comics anthology, explores just what it means to be exceptional and LBGT in the past, present and future,


 Asian Pacific Islander Pride Zine presenter Sally Moon Lee shares the diversity of Asian gay culture in Portland through this compilation zine.

Recorded live at North Portland Library, October 4, 2011.

Target Audience: Adult

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This Zine will Rock You!

Zines rock! PORTLAND rocks! ...and on August 3, your library rocked! Zinesters present their rock'n' roll publications for your enjoyment, edification and rock-ification. Featuring:

Music from Growler

Roz Ballard - Rozine

John Isaacson Ride the Lightning and Feedback

Jen Sbragia Diary of a Metal Girl

Kevin Cross Radio and Truly Crucial Rock n Roll

Recorded live at Central Library, U.S. Bank Room, August 3, 2011

Target Audience: Adult

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Srsly Big Deal: Making & Being Comics in Portland

From self-published mini-comic zines to traditional comic books, manga and graphic novels, comics are a seriously big deal in our community, home to big-time publishers, small presses and independent artists. Speakers Dylan Williams, of Sparkplug Comics, Dark Horse Executive Editor Diana Schutz, PSU Special Collections Librarian and Archivist Cris Paschild, and independent comics creator Julia Gfrorer discuss the cultural and economic significance of comics. The panel discussion was followed by Julia Gfrorer reading her comics Too Dark to See and Ariadne auf Naxos, with the assistance of Jesse Reklaw.

Recorded live at Central Library, U.S. Bank Room, April 14, 2011.

Target Audience: Adult



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Le Cheap, C'est Chic

Budget living without feeling the pinch: Chelsea Baker (Olympia) presents Cheap Cookin': A Beginners Guide to Affordable Cooking and Raleigh Briggs (Seattle) shows how to Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills.

Recorded: September 7, 2010

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Examining Portland's Forgotten History Through Zines.

The Dill Pickle Club, a civic organization that organizes educational projects on local history, culture and civics, talks about Oregon History comics, Lone Fir Cemetery, with author and Portland Mercury reporter Sarah Mirk. Board members of the Club present a slide lecture on their "Forgotten Histories" programs, while Sarah discusses the process of researching, writing and working with 10 artists in illustrating under-acknowledged facts of Oregon history.

Recorded October 12, 2010 at Central Library

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