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Portland author Jesse Harrington reads from his Brains series about zombies passing as humans and the punks who recognize and resist them.

Local artist Daniel Duford discusses his comics and public art installations exploring the urban legend of the The Green Man of Portland.

Recorded at North Portland Library on October 5, 2010.

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Workin' It with Gabby Holden and PRWA

Zinesters talk about earning a living.  

Gabby Holden shares insights and lowlights from My Time at Fabric Depot.

Portland Restaurant Workers Association volunteers urge food service employees to Know Your Rights! a Restaurant Worker's Survival Guide

Recorded at Hollywood Library September 28, 2010

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Interview with Tonya Jones - Women of Color Zines and Workshops

Tonya Jones has been instrumental in introducing women of color in Portland to zines and zine culture through her workshops, her zine writings and her talks. In this interview with librarian Cathy Camper, she talks about how she discovered zines, how zines can impower women of color and how women can participate in her workshops. 

 Tonya was the speaker for the Zinesters Talking Women of Color at North Portland Library September 14, 2010. The podcast of that meeting didn't record, so we're posting this instead. 

Connect with Tonya Jones on Facebook at: WOC Zine Workshops (Club) 

Zines discussed in the podcast:  Shotgun Seamstress #2 by Osa Atoe  Cocoa Puss #1 by Lamesha Melton

Target Audience: Adult

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Zinesters Talking - Zines Go To School

Educators Bobi Blue of Fir Ridge High School, Julie Hoffer of Open Meadow High School, and Leanne Grabel of the Rosemont school share tips about how they integrate zines into their classrooms. Learn how making, reading and sharing zines can change students lives!

For information about booking a zine workshop with Multnomah County Library School Corps for your classroom, click here.

Recorded live at Belmont Library, September 21, 2010

Target Audience: Adults


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Zinesters Talking Dino Night

In celebration of Stumptown Comics Fest 2010, and of dinosaurs in general, speakers Rio Safari and James Williams show-and-tell their awesomest dinosaur minicomics, plus some sweet online cartoons.

Check out Rio's and Jame's  comics in our collection too.  

Audience: Adult

Recorded: April 20, 2010 Central Library's U.S. Bank Room

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Best and Most Bizarre Dinosaurs

Love dinosaurs? Listen in as zinester Rio Safari and librarian Cathy Camper discuss some of the best and most bizarre dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are related to birds, but were they colored like parakeets? What's the deal with T. rex's teeny tiny arms? And what dinos had more spikes than a punk's leather jacket? Listen in and explore the books below, for more info:

Bizarre Dinosaurs;Some Very Strange Creatures and Why We Think they Got that Way by Christopher Sloan

Chased By Sea Monsters; Prehistoric Predators of the Deep  Nigel Marven and Jasper James

Extreme Dinosaurs Steve Parker and Leslie Mertz

A Field Guide to Dinosaurs; The Essential Handbook for Travelers in the Mesozoic  by Henry Gee and Luis V. Rey

Rio Safari and James Williams speak about dinosaur mini-comics at Zinesters Talking Dino Night, Tuesday April 20, 2010, from 6:30-7:45 p.m. in Central Library's U.S. Bank Room.

Audience: Adult

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Historic Zinesters Talking -  with Leanne Grabel and Kevin Sampsell

Leanne Grabel, poet, performer, teacher and co-founder of the legendary poetry hub Cafe Lena, and Kevin Sampsell, of Future Tense Books and Powell's City of Books discuss the development of chapbooks, poetry and zines in Portland, along with much audience participation. Re-live some of the writing and music scene of the 1980s and 90s that put Portland on the map!

Audience: Adult

Recorded November 3, 2009 at Central Library

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Explore emotional terrain with A.M. O'Malley in The Empire Builder, a zine about her train ride from Minneapolis, Minn., to Portland, Ore., including reflections on a life left behind and and hopes for a future no longer separated from her long-distance love interest.

Find out what's in Free Box the Magazine with Bece Kidder. Learn about epic scores, things to avoid, the etiquette of giving away and the fun to be had hunting for priceless treasures.

Target audience: Adult

Date of event: October 27, 2009

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Get up close and personal with Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg as she shares work from I Cut My Hair, a mini-comic journal about her creative process, working in education, pet ownership and more.

Mini-comics come alive when Julia Gfrörer and partner perform Ariadne auf Naxos, comics about time and death, gods and saints, knights and spies, babysitting, the apocalypse, courtesy phones and the benefits of being a ghost.

Target audience: Adult

Date of event: October 20, 2009

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Glamorize your life Golden Girls-style with Scott and Zach, the editors of Miami, You've Got Style, a detailed Golden Girls fanzine with an episode guide and a map of the house where characters Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nylund, Blanche Devereaux and Sophia Petrillo lived. Scott and Zach also provide in-depth wardrobe analysis and funky fashion tips.

Take a hilarious trip with Dr. Danny Q. Swank and his Tales from the Bus, a compendium of bizarre, bawdy, bumpy, and occasionally brutal happenings witnessed on public transportation, torn from the pages of the strangely true and truly strange zine Manuscripts Don't Burn.

Target audience: Adult

Date of event: October 13, 2009

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